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Impact Litigation

Through our impact litigation, we seek to change discriminatory policies affecting LGBTQ and HIV-positive people. We currently sued the U.S. State Department on behalf of four same-sex couples—including two bi-national couples—whose children were denied U.S. citizenship from birth. Through these cases, we aim to change an unlawful and unconstitutional U.S. State Department policy that discriminates against queer families.  

In February 2019, we celebrated a major win in one of these cases that involved a gay, bi-national couple whose two-year old son Ethan was denied birthright citizenship by the U.S. State Department.  A federal judge rejected the State Department’s reasoning by declaring Ethan to be a U.S. citizen. This ruling is an important step towards ensuring equality for all LGBTQ families. 

Meet the Families

    Impact Litigation Family Stories

    The State Department treats children born abroad to married U.S. citizens as born “out of wedlock,” denying them U.S. citizenship. We currently represent four families who are leading the fight to change this discriminatory, unconstitutional policy⁠—not only for themselves but for all LGBTQ families.