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Law and Policy

Immigration Equality and the Immigration Equality Action Fund work in coalitions to advance bills that serve our clients and educate policymakers on the particular dangers that queer, trans, and HIV-positive individuals face. Our client-advocates share their powerful personal stories before members of Congress to drive home the real-world impact of laws and policies. 

    Legislative Priorities 2020-21

    Immigration Equality has a robust legislative advocacy program to make lasting changes in our immigration system. Because we serve more LGBTQ immigrants than any other organization, we spot patterns and trends that no one else sees. Our experience with the system fuels our legislative advocacy initiatives.

    Administrative Policy Recommendations

    Immigration Equality has many long-term policy goals, many of which require comprehensive immigration reform. In the meantime, we are aware of several problems facing our community that President Joe Biden could solve immediately. Others may take longer but are deeply important. Below, we list some of the current regulatory and policy recommendations that are our highest priorities.

    Client Advocates

    At the core of our mission, it is our role to partner with LGBTQ immigrants to create the social change they deserve. Every time we secure policy reform, draft or edit a bill with a member of Congress, or educate the public on how to demand the democracy they deserve, we do so hoping that today’s vision for the future will create a better reality.