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As a non-binary person, Jude could not live safely as their authentic self in Saudi Arabia. Winning asylum in the U.S. made that possible.

Jude joyously smiling with a yellow t-shirt, in front of a mural covered with a variety of hearts


My name is Jude, and I’m an asylee from Saudi Arabia. As a queer, non-binary person, growing up under sharia law was terrifying.

I cut my hair short, wore boys clothes, and dated girls—all in secret. The punishment for a woman or perceived woman dressing as a man, or same-sex relationships, includes lashings and death.

I found my way to the U.S., and I found Immigration Equality. They set me up with an amazing lawyer who worked my case for three years. In 2017, I won asylum and am now living my best life.

Winning asylum gave me a sense of hope that I’d lost a very long time ago. It felt like I finally had something to look forward to, something to work towards, a light at the end of the tunnel that I could actually reach.