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When Darion and Brenton began receiving death threats, the couple fled to the U.S. from Jamaica. Immigration Equality secured their permanent safety here in America.

Darion and Brenton happily dancing in matching suits

Darion and Brenton

Imagine the pain of hiding your love for your partner and of living in constant fear in your own home. For Darion and Brenton, this was the reality back home in Jamaica.  

Married in New York City in 2011, the two men were forced to keep their marriage and love a secret from their families and neighbors when they returned to Jamaica to avoid violence and persecution. When they began receiving death threats, the couple fled to the U.S., knowing that staying in Jamaica would be a deadly option.  

The legal team at Immigration Equality secured Darion and Brenton’s permanent safety here in America in winning their case for asylum.  

No one should face death or violence because of who they are or who they love, and we will continue working to ensure that couples like Darion and Brenton have the freedom to live and love safely and openly.