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Are you LGBT and/or HIV-positive and have a question about immigration? Need legal advice? Need legal representation? There are few areas of U.S. law that are as complicated and change as frequently as immigration law. Nationally, 11% of asylum seekers do not have counsel, and of those, 88% of their cases are denied by immigration judges. Navigating the immigration system is daunting on your own.

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If you have a legal question, already have an attorney but would like a second opinion, or you need representation, Immigration Equality’s expert legal team can help.


We are the national leaders in our field – the intersection of LGBT and immigration law. Please follow this process – it allows us to respond to people more thoroughly and more quickly.

  1. Read our Legal Resources. These resources are incredibly detailed and come with a robust Frequently Asked Questions section. Please check here first. If you do not get your question answered after reading the resources, move on to step 2.
  2. Send us your question. Filling out this confidential form will give us enough information to get back to you. Trained paralegals and expert attorneys respond to each question. The form will allow you to be more thorough with your question. If you qualify for our direct representation we will reach out to schedule an appointment with you to speak further.

What To Expect: Because we work to help thousands of people each year, we have developed a system to review and respond to questions. We will typically be able to respond to your question within one week; please be patient. If you qualify for our representation, it will take a few weeks to get your case started. It is important that we support people who are in emergency situations first.

What To Consider:

  • Reach Out Early. When possible, please reach out to us as early in your process as possible. Do not wait until you are in immediate danger of deportation – it is much harder to help if you are already in an emergency situation.
  • We Want to Speak to Clients Directly. We will always want to speak directly to the person who has the immigration question or issue. If you are a friend or family member, please direct your loved one to us. Our staff is multilingual, fluent in: Cantonese, English, French, Mandarin, Russian, Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian, and Spanish. We also have a team of volunteer translators who are poised to help.
  • We are a national organization based in New York City. If you are outside the New York/New Jersey Area, our attorneys will be able to answer your questions and offer legal advice no matter where you live. They may also be able to connect you with a local attorney from our pro bono network.
“Ever since I came to Immigration Equality, my whole life has changed. I feel safe, empowered, and even sexy.” Wyllys, Dominican Republic, granted asylum September 2013

Our Legal Team = In-House + Pro Bono Network

Our in-house attorneys coupled with our remarkable pro-bono network, boast an incredible 99% win rate. We win not because we take the “easy” cases; we win so often because Immigration Equality’s legal team is comprised of fierce advocates who are well schooled in how to successfully navigate the very particular intersection of LGBT and immigration law.

Immigration Equality attorneys are award winning. In 2014 alone we were the proud recipients of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) Arthur Helton Memorial Human Rights Award, the CLASSY Human Rights and Social Justice Award, and more than one of our attorneys is featured on the list of best lawyers under 40 by the LGBT Bar Association.

More and more LGBT people are calling for help each year, consequently we are always working to expand our pro bono network. Each case has a life-altering impact.

“Me dieron apoyo cuando acudí a ellos, y gracias a su ayuda estoy legal en los Estados Unidos,” Evelyn, El Salvador, granted asylum October 2012

We have recruited, trained and are proud to support an incredible pro bono network which includes hundreds of attorneys from more than 60 top law firms.

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Please check if your household’s combined annual income is below $31,000.

In a legal emergency, call (212) 714-2904. Trained paralegals staff our legal emergency national hotline during the day (Eastern Standard Time) each weekday. Emergency situations could include:

  • You are in a detention facility. We take collect calls.
  • You are in immediate danger of being deported.
  • Your lawful status in the U.S. is about to expire.

“Thanks to my team of lawyers from Kirkland & Ellis and Immigration Equality, I can live openly and without fear.” — D, from Russia, granted asylum March 2014

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