Immigration Equality Decries Killing of Amir Locke by Minneapolis Police

New York, NY (January 29, 2022) – Last Wednesday, without announcing themselves, several police officers entered the apartment where Amir Locke was staying and shot him to death.   

In response, Immigration Equality issued the following statement:

Amir Locke was a son, older brother to eight siblings, and aspiring entrepreneur. A 22-year-old with big dreams. All that was ripped away when he was killed by the same police department that murdered George Floyd—and it didn’t have to happen.

We condemn the killing of Amir Locke and the racist systems that perpetuate this violence. There is no excuse to plead ignorant to the fact that a black person in America can be killed while jogging down the street, wearing a hoodie, or sleeping inside of a home. 

Our hearts are with Amir Locke’s loved ones right now. Even as his parents grieve, they are calling for more humane policing and justice for their son. May their courage be an inspiration to us.

We stand with them when we say Black Lives Matter. We stand with them when we say Black Trans Lives Matter. And we stand with them every day as we work towards justice and equality for all.