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For Asylum Seekers Without An Attorney, Self-Help Guides Provide a Roadmap

by Immigration Equality


Click here to go to the Self-Help Asylum Guides—now available and free to download in English, Spanish, French, and Russian,

Each year, our in-house legal team and volunteer attorneys across the country directly represent more than 700 LGBTQ asylum seekers. However, despite the reach of Immigration Equality and other legal service groups, the need for free lawyers among queer, trans, and HIV-positive asylum seekers remains high—and extremely urgent.

Recognizing the gap in services, Immigration Equality created the Self-Help Asylum Guides designed for people applying for asylum based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and/or HIV status. Available in English, Spanish, French, and Russian, these guides provide a roadmap to asylum for folks who must represent themselves.  

While it’s always best for asylum seekers to have an attorney, unfortunately, that’s not always possible. These guides are here to help those without legal representation.

Explore the Self-Help Asylum Guides