Send a Message of Support to Detained LGBTQ People

Dear [Name of Client], 

You are not alone.  

Hundreds of us are holding you in our hearts this Valentine’s Day and beyond. We know there is no substitute to being with your family, friends, and/or partner at this time, but please know that your Immigration Equality family is sending you our warmest wishes.  

You are not forgotten. 

Immigration Equality is doing everything they can to win your freedom. They will not slow down their efforts until you are released—and neither will we. In fact, we pledge today to act on opportunities to advocate for you and others like you.  

There is hope. 

We envision a future for you where you can live without fear of persecution for expressing your true self. Where you can follow your personal and professional dreams. And where you can begin to heal from past trauma. Your resilience is an inspiration to us. 

Sending strength and hope,