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Sandy, who is a trans woman and activist, obtained asylum with the help of Immigration Equality.


My name is Sandy and I am a transgender woman from Mexico. I fled to the United States in 1995 to escape mistreatment based on my gender identity.

In 2009, I came to Immigration Equality for help. After facing a lot of difficulty trying to get legal representation, Immigration Equality agreed to help me to seek asylum. Two years later, my claim was granted.

Immigration Equality helped me once again when it was time to get my green card. And they were there to celebrate with me when I finally became a citizen of the United States!

After everything I went through, I knew I had to do all I could to ensure that others do not have to face the horrors I did. That is why I spent more than a decade working at a nonprofit in Staten Island to support other transgender women in need of food, clothing, and shelter. More than anything, I wanted to give back to the community that welcomed and accepted me.

For years now, I have had the honor of mentoring many young transgender people and serving as an activist within the trans community.