Immigration Equality Denounces Trump Administration’s Proposal to End Asylum

New York, NY (July 15, 2020) — Statement from Bridget Crawford, Immigration Equality’s Legal Director:

“We have never faced a threat to asylum like the one before us right now. The proposed rules are so draconian that almost no one would be deemed eligible for asylum—no matter how strong their claim, or how compelling their story. The Trump administration’s attempt to abolish asylum cuts at the very heart of who we should be as a nation: a beacon of hope for people fleeing persecution.

“If enacted, this regulation would mean that LGBTQ and HIV-positive immigrants treated like criminals in their countries of origin would not be able to seek safe haven in the U.S. For many, remaining where they are is extremely dangerous. Not only does this rule violate long standing legal precedent, it is immoral and cruel. And of course, the United States would suffer greatly without the resilience, ingenuity, and talent that LGBTQ and HIV-positive refugees contribute to this nation every day.”

Immigration Equality’s public comments on the proposed regulations are available here.