Immigration Equality’s Executive Director Responds to the Plight of LGBTQ People in Afghanistan

New York, NY (September 1, 2021) — Immigration Equality’s Executive Director, Aaron C. Morris, issued the following statement about the plight of LGBTQ people in Afghanistan and the organization’s recent efforts to assist them:

“Since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan two weeks ago, the reality for Afghan LGBTQ people has become a living nightmare. The punishment for being gay in Afghanistan again includes public stoning, being crushed by a wall, and other violent horrors. All of the LGBTQ Afghans we have spoken to are begging for someone to save their lives. They are terrified, and they are desperate.

“Immigration Equality won’t stand for the abhorrent treatment of our Afghan LGBTQ brothers, sisters, and non-binary siblings. This is why we joined a coalition of international human rights organizations to create pathways of evacuation for LGBTQ people in Afghanistan. So far, Immigration Equality has received requests for assistance from 80 LGBTQ Afghans, and our attorneys spoke directly with 50 queer people before the U.S. government left the nation. We did everything in our power to get as many people out as possible.

“Now that airplanes are no longer taking off, there are still scores of people who need urgent evacuations. And there is still time to save lives. We must all work together to find safe passage for those in our community who need to leave. Evacuating LGBTQ and other vulnerable populations is a long-term undertaking, and we intend to do our part to get them to safety. We implore the people of America not to forget LGBTQ Afghans. Let us welcome them as refugees and expedite their safe arrival in this country.”

Kristen Thompson, Communications Director, Immigration Equality
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