Call Today: Tell Your Representatives to Protect Asylum

For over two years, the Trump and Biden administrations have wielded a sham policy under public health law Title 42 to block and expel asylum seekers—denying them their right to ask for protection.   

Right now, members of Congress are pushing legislation to extend the policy. Every day Title 42 is used to shut down the southern border, LGBTQ refugees suffer.

Call your representatives today, using the script below. Call on them to protect asylum!


  1. Call the Congressional Switchboard: (202) 224-3121
  2. Ask the operator to connect you to your senator.
  3. Use our call script to make your voice heard.
  4. Then call two more times, to make sure you reach both your senators and your representative.

Call script:

“Hello, My name is [NAME], and I’m your constituent from [CITY/TOWN]. I’m deeply disturbed that asylum seekers are being blocked and expelled under Title 42—a sham public health order with the sole purpose of shutting down the southern border. For over two years, asylum seekers have been illegally banned from asking for protection in the U.S., including LGBTQ people fleeing violence and persecution.  

“The CDC rightly called for an end to the cruel policy, but new proposals threaten to keep the border closed to asylum seekers. I urge [CONGRESSPERSON/SENATOR] to oppose any legislative effort designed to keep blocking and expelling asylum seekers under Title 42. We must uphold asylum—a human right and a guarantee under U.S. law. Thank you for your time.”