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Legal Briefs

If you have a (redacted) legal brief which you would be willing to share with Immigration Equality, please let us know. We would like to develop a brief bank to assist other attorneys working on these cases. We do not intend to put the briefs onto the website, so that we can better monitor who is getting the briefs. If you have a brief you’d be willing to share, or are looking for a model brief, please contact us.

Doe v. Holder, 7th Circuit 2012

Amicus brief (pdf) wirtten by Lambda Legal and signed onto by Immigration Equality and other organizations, arguing that “coming out” should be a one year exception in asylum cases and that “coming out” is a process which takes place over time as opposed to being a discrete event.

Utah Coalition of La Raza, et al, vs. Gary R. Herbert, et al.

Amicus brief (PDF) of Immigration Equality in NILC lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Utah immigration law which criminalizes providing shelter for undocumented persons, including LGBT Americans in relationships with undocumented partners.

Hernandez-Montiel v. INS

Amicus brief (PDF at external site) of American Civil Liberties Union; Lambda Legal; National Center for Lesbian Rights; and International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission in the ground-breaking Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals case which recognized gay men with female sexual identities as a “particular social group” meriting protection from persecution under U.S. asylum law.