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The 2015 Diversity Visa Lottery Begins Today!

Today the 2015 Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery begins! The DV Lottery allows citizens of countries that are under-represented through other U.S. immigration channels to submit an application through an online lottery and potentially be chosen to apply for a green card to the U.S. Read more

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US Department of State Announces Guidelines for Same-Sex Couples

Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday appeared at the US consulate in London and announced that the Department of State would begin treating same-sex couples the same way as heterosexual couples. Read more

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The End of DOMA: What Your Family Needs to Know

The U.S. Supreme Court held that Section 3 of DOMA is unconstitutional. Now that DOMA has been struck down, American citizens and lawful permanent residents can submit green card applications for their same-sex spouse. Read more

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Fighting On All Fronts

We have always pushed for equality for lesbian and gay immigrant families on all fronts – legislative, judicial, and executive – and we are continuing to do so. In the coming days and weeks, our policy team will work with our long-time champion, Senator Leahy, to find the best way forward. If we need to amend the bill on the floor of the Senate, we will work to make that happen. Aside from that strategy, however, there are other opportunities on the horizon. Read more

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End the One-Year Filing Deadline

Everyone deserves a chance to live a life free from mistreatment and fear. It is crucial that Comprehensive Immigration Reform include the provisions of the Refugee Protection Act to ensure that the United States remains a beacon of hope and freedom for asylum seekers, including those who are LGBT. Read more

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