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Senate Judiciary Committee Takes Up Immigration Bill – Leahy files Amendments for LGBT Families

This Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee will begin consideration of the bipartisan immigration bill that was introduced last month. Adding an amendment to protect our families in the committee is the best strategy for being included in a Senate immigration bill. Here are the three things you can do to ensure our families win. Read more

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August 24 Webinar & Call for Young LGBT Immigrants

Join a webinar / call hosted by a coalition of LGBT and immigration advocacy and legal aid organizations to find out if you are eligible to apply for deferred action and employment authorization. Find out how to apply and resources available to assist you with your application. Read more

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Nineteen Organizations Join Us in Thanking the President for His Immigration Announcement

In a letter to President Obama, twenty organizations give thanks for an announcement that will give tens of thousands of immigrant youth relief from the threat of deportation. Read more

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An LGBT Step Forward That Leaves Immigrants Behind

New regulations designed to combat sexual violence against LGBT people in federal prisons regrettably leaves out protections for LGBT immigrant detainees. Immigration Equality is deeply concerned that while federal prisons are taking progressive steps toward addressing the safety and well-being of transgender people in their custody, immigration detention facilities are lagging behind. Read more

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Leader Pelosi thanks LGBT Binational Families for their Patriotism

Today, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi spoke on a phone call with over one hundred Immigration Equality supporters, most of whom are directly affected by discrimination against LGBT families in immigration law. Read more

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