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Our Services

Immigration Equality recognizes that among the most important services we can offer to our members and constituents are timely, accurate legal information, and access to quality legal representation. We therefore regularly update our website to keep readers informed of changes in the law. We also distribute a monthly email bulletin describing changes in the law.

Legal Services

Our national headquarters are located in New York but we provide legal services throughout the country. Anyone with questions about the effect of U.S. immigration law on LGBT or HIV-positive individuals can call or email our office and we will try to answer the questions. We also provide free consultations for those who can come to our office in person.

Additionally, Immigration Equality runs a pro bono asylum project in which we match low-income asylum seekers with volunteer attorneys to represent them. Immigration Equality provides support and assistance to the attorneys who may not be familiar with this area of the law.

We also maintain a list of LGBT and HIV-friendly private immigration attorneys for those who can afford to pay for representation.

If Immigration Equality is unable to assist you with legal services and you are looking for free or low cost immigration legal service providers in your area, the American Bar Association has a list on its website.

Training and Technical Assistance

Immigration Equality frequently participates in trainings on immigration law as it affects lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and HIV-positive immigrants and their loved ones. We also provide technical assistance by answering questions and helping other attorneys to strategize about their asylum cases in this specialized area of immigration law.

Please contact us if your organization would like a speaker or trainer from Immigration Equality. During the last year some of the topics on which we have provided training include:

  • Preparing sexual orientation-based asylum applications
  • Why state-recognized marriages will not solve anyone’s immediate immigration problems
  • The HIV ban: What is it and how can a foreign national obtain a waiver?
  • Immigration options for same-sex couples
  • New obstacles for transgender individuals under U.S. immigration law
  • Update on the Permanent Partners Immigration Act
  • HIV as a potential ground for asylum or relief under the Convention against Torture