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VIDEO: you may need a tissue for this

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In Moscow, Alexander Kargaltsev was beaten up by a group of men after arranging a date with a man through a popular website. It happened on a crowded street. No one helped him. “It’s a very common story,” Alexander says. “People are going backwards.”

I have been running Immigration Equality’s asylum program for five years. I hear stories like Alexander’s every day. The people who call us for help are scared, and without us, they won’t have a lawyer.

Through our LGBT Asylum Program, we represent more than 400 LGBT asylum seekers every year. Please make a donation of $52 to support our free legal services.

Our LGBT Asylum Program matches clients with lawyers at top law firms, for free. My job is to train and mentor these pro bono attorneys — I work closely with them throughout the process to make sure our clients and our attorneys have everything they need for success. Our own legal team handles the most difficult cases.


Click here to see how winning asylum changes our clients’ lives. While you’re there, please make a donation to the Russia Emergency Fund so we can continue to help everyone who needs us.

For Alexander, winning asylum means that he is free to live openly as a gay man. As an artist, his beautiful work would be banned in Russia right now. “I can do much more for the gay movement there, from here,” Alexander said.

Thank you for your support.

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