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Lifting Up Everyone’s Voices in Our Common Struggle for Justice

marcoImmigration Equality, as a national organization that day-in and day-out works with the most vulnerable members of our LGBT community, has always believed that a person’s individual story and the value of their personal experience can not only educate, but also strengthen our bonds, enrich our perspectives, and change hearts. We are dedicated to lifting the voices of those that society readily ignores and ensuring that those most affected by the injustices and disparities are also those at the forefront of the movement to guide and lead us on the noblest and most genuine path.

I am myself an undocumented, gay, person of color… someone who fully understands the intersection of the LGBT and immigrant rights movements because I have lived it firsthand. Immigration Equality has provided me the opportunity and a platform to speak up and lead because they understand the importance of my experiences, my story, and my ability to connect with those of similar experiences. When you empower an individual to voice their true self, someone who for most their lives have been relegated to hiding in the deep and dark closets and shadows of our society, you build on our nation’s purest values of freedom, justice and the pursuit of happiness.

The expansive contributions by our Immigrant and LGBT communities are deeply interwoven in the fabric of American society. Our narratives are likewise interwoven and cannot be divided… Immigrant Rights are LGBT Rights and LGBT Rights are Immigrant Rights and Immigration Equality is endlessly dedicated to lifting up everyone’s voices in our common struggle to bring justice and dignity to all our communities.  Our cause endures…

2 Responses to Lifting Up Everyone’s Voices in Our Common Struggle for Justice

  1. Pablo Garcia says:

    Well said.

  2. Ralph says:

    So true!

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