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Within Reach: The End of DOMA

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Earlier today, the U.S. Supreme Court announced that it will hear a constitutional challenge to the federal Defense of Marriage Act, Windsor v. U.S., as well as the California Prop 8 case, Hollingsworth v. Perry.  This means a ruling on DOMA’s fate – as well as on marriages in California – is expected in June 2013. At long last, the end of two heinous laws that have impacted so many of our families is within sight, and within reach.

We don’t have to tell you what DOMA’s demise will mean. For LGBT binational couples, it is DOMA that is responsible for denied green cards, family separations and exile abroad. The end cannot come soon enough. At long last, however, we now know when the end may be here.

We know DOMA is unconstitutional. Earlier this year, we filed our own lawsuit challenging it. We are optimistic the high court will agree. Our friends at the ACLU (and their counsel at the law firm of Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton and Garrison LLP, who also serve as counsel on Immigration Equality’s DOMA lawsuit) are exceptional lawyers, and we have full faith in their ability to convince the court this law must fall.  If the Supreme Court strikes down DOMA, gay and lesbian Americans may be able to sponsor their foreign partners for immigration benefits shortly thereafter.

We know that, even with the end of DOMA potentially so nearby, many of you cannot wait 6 months for relief. That’s why we’re continuing to push for passage of the Uniting American Families Act – including as part of a comprehensive immigration reform bill that’s expected to be introduced early next year.  It’s also why we’re asking the Obama Administration to immediately stop denying green card applications filed by our families, and hold them until the Supreme Court rules.

Many of you will want to know: What does this mean for my family now?

First, visit the FAQs on our website. If your question isn’t answered in the FAQ, then use the ‘Contact Us’ form on our website to send our legal team a question online. (Because of the high volume of inquiries we expect, please use our online form, rather than calling. And please read the FAQs carefully to see if your question is answered before contacting us. This will help us respond to urgent immigration questions more quickly, and efficiently.)

We have never been so close to ending the separation and exile of LGBT binational couples. Finally, the end is near.

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29 Responses to Within Reach: The End of DOMA

  1. Gricel & Dalila says:

    This is GREAT!!!
    We are moving forward!

  2. Matumbo says:

    My Heart Skipped a beat but i’m treading carefully, Still it is a good sign and a step forward one way or the other!!

  3. McKeon Day says:

    Thank goodness! I know we can do this! Everything is going to go well! Everyone! Lets do our part and be positive and believe we will make it! Together we can make it to the finish line to strike down DOMA! We can do it! =D I thank God and LGBT for doing so much in getting all of this to work. it is such a blessing and i know we are going to make it!

  4. Dias Brito says:

    Keep fighting. we will win this.

  5. Eman says:

    The time has come! Other Nations in the world are so far ahead of us on this issue – let’s get it done!

  6. joshinchicago says:

    Incredible to think that in 6 months time this whole ridiculous immigration issue could become history!!! I will be saving a very special bottle of champagne for the moment this happens!

  7. Matthew says:

    Words cannot express what this could potentially mean for me and my family. My husband (whom I’m legally married to as he is a Canadian citizen) was deported almost three years ago. We are waiting through a five year ban before he can even step foot back in the USA. This is the game changer this amazing organization has been fighting for and while I have no choice to remain cautiously optomistic it would be hard to bring me down today! DOMA is unconstitutional no matter what angle you approach this from – let’s win this thing! Thank you to Immigration Equality for keeping us informed and most importantly for giving me hope that there will be a resolution to this nightmare.

  8. Zach Feinberg says:

    This is wonderful news. After years of living outside the U.S. so as to keep my marriage with my Filipino partner alive, I may finally be able to offer him a green card and move back home together.

  9. DECLON says:

    Thank you IMMIGRATION EQUALITY” for helpiung us get this far… As the foreign partner/husband of an Americian Citizen, Ive been living here in the US going on 12 YEARS THIS DECEMBER 17TH, and im the last and only one in my BLOOD family here in the US to not have status, ALL BECAUSE IM A GAY MAN AND DOMA!!! Ive watched my MOTHER,AND ALL MY SIBLINGS GET MARRIED OVER THE YEARS AND BECAME LEGAL US RESIDENTS AND I’VE FELT SOOO HOPELESS AT TIMES BECAUSE I KNEW I COULD’NT DO THE SAME…..(THANKS TO DOMA) After all these years of hopes being up and then being crushed,not being able to persue dreams of going to college, having a job on the books, or even being able to apply for DACA ( only because I was 16 when I first got here) I can finally be really optimistic that my husband will be able to sponsor me for a green card, and this huge burden will be finally lifted off my shoulders… COME NEXT JUNE!!!! IM ALREADY feeling FREE!!!!! FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 12 YEARS AND THIS FEELS GREAT… Ive been following DOMA religously from the start, because it affects my life soo greatly and Now my hope is really restored that DOMA IS COMING TO AN END!!!!!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!

  10. Robert Bank says:

    Go Rachel and your fantastic team! Thank you for everything that you do each day to make this come out the way it must!

  11. Troy says:

    Great News! I wonder if Bi-National Married couples will have to reside in one of the states where marriage is legal for everyone to be able to sponsor their partner? If DOMA is struck down? We are married but do not live in a state with marriage equality.

  12. Kerri Smith says:

    Down with DOMA! Lives will finally be able to move forward! :)

  13. Laurence says:

    Great News – Get it passed – I can only imagine those who have been separated for long periods of time – Mine has only been gone a month. He can come back in June 2013 for a few months. Keep up the good work and push this through with no loopholes!

  14. Judy Rickard says:

    Thanks for all you do for all of us, IE!

  15. Kevin says:

    Whole world are watching and waiting for the right answer!

  16. Diego says:

    Great news ever!!!!!!! we are very close!!!!!

  17. Masa says:

    Great New! However, it is too late for me. My partner of almost 30 years passed away on Dec 6. Our dream shattered on that day.

  18. carlos says:

    have many desires that this becomes a reality, I have with my partner 10 years together, my partner is American, I think the government does not have to be disciminatorio with gay couples, this is the country of freedom, this is not a religious issue is a humanitarian issue, mex / usa couple!!

  19. Dias Brito says:

    In theory not. what matter for immigration purposes is being or not being married, no matter where did you get married.

  20. Ralphy says:

    This is such promising news. My partner was considering coming to the UK with me because of DOMA. I will definitely make the move over to the US for him given the chance. The next six months will be interesting…

  21. Paul Walsh says:

    My partner and I’ve been waiting for this day, I’m an American living in Italy for the past 2 years and I’ve felt so alone until I came across this website. We both want out lives to be in the United States and I know we’re getting closer. To all of you who might be separated from your partner or living somewhere else (until we’re recognized as human beings who have the right to marry in the U.S) Stay strong good news is on it’s way!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace Paul

  22. Ralph says:

    Great news long over due! Still in the meantime, The Administration should be urged to pass UAFA!

  23. Vlad says:

    I have been waiting for these news since I got here (2.5 years ago). My visa expired 3 months after my arrival. Since then I live in fear every day. I came here to visit US and improve my English and I had a ticket back to Russia on September 30th but I met my love 2 weeks before I supposed to leave the US. Every time when I see a police car my hands start to shake and I act so weird like I am a killer. I am just a very emotional person and I can’t help it… Now we have a hope and I believe that God will not let us live our lifes like mice. That’s how I feel, I feel like a mouse that always in fear. Thank you IE and God for fighting for our families and our happiness. There is no telling how glad and thankful I will be if DOMA ends and if I get a green card. I feel sorry for those people that have been separated. I just want to wish you all to not lose a hope. If that happened to me I don’t think I would make it. Continue believe guys and God will help us. Thanks

  24. Melanie Maltby says:


  25. Milton says:

    Reading these comments brings tears to my eyes. My partner and I have been together 15 + years. He is Nepali and I am American. We met in Dubai and immigrated to Canada about ten years ago. But Canada is not the same as being HOME! We got married in Montreal in 2005, but still despite being on the verge of Canadian citizenship, nothing would feel as RIGHT as being able to take my partner home to Colorado where I am from. Let’s hope DOMA is struck down and in a few months we can apply for green card status for him. God willing and God bless us all.


    Thank you immigration equality, finally I going to be with my lover. Thank you !

  27. Danijela says:

    Full of hope…Praying every day for all of us and for this..I am separated from my partner 18 months and every day is like year…

  28. ejey Chua says:

    Praise the lord God Almighty, that all human being will be treated equally soon, so that all of us that has been married with American Citizen would be enjoying to live with our love of our life

  29. ejey Chua says:

    Danijela; i been separated from my husband for a year this month, and i was praying to the Lord of the highest that this year we will be having a celebration for our wedding, we get married in Canada last January 2012. and we never have a chance to celebrate with our friend yet. hoping that this year we will.

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