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Frances & Takako Together for the Holidays Because of You

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I wanted to share a special message from someone who is so grateful for your support. Frances and Takako joined our DOMA challenge to stand for all couples. They’re spending the holidays together because of you.

“A year ago, we didn’t know where Takako would be today. Because of your conviction to the greater good and Immigration Equality’s high goals, we celebrated Thanksgiving in town with the neighbors again this year. Saying thank you over and over seems to decrease its power, but please know: you have filled our lives with depth and hope. You have helped so many people. Have a peaceful holiday.  — Frances”

Frances and Takako are so grateful to be spending the holidays together. I know some of you will not be able to spend the holidays with your families, and we’re working hard to fix that.

Please consider making a special year-end gift, in addition to any amount you’ve so generously given this year. Your special gift will help us win for all our families in the year ahead.

With Warm Wishes for Your Family.


3 Responses to Frances & Takako Together for the Holidays Because of You

  1. Rowen Murphy Strange says:

    I am in a civil partnership- I am American – my wife is British and I am on 2 years further leave to remain in the UK. I am returning to the US, as there is no available work in the UK- and we want to eventually live in the US. The longer you are gone at 50- the harder it will be to re establish in the workforce. Until then my wife and I will then have see each other through visits. She has more flexibilty with her work, and so will be coming to the US for 90 days at a time which she is allowed -UNTIL the US allows me to sponsor her-or they decide its time to stop voting on our freedom.

    Of course I am worried about how she will be treated coming in a couple of times a year. I put my own immigration together- so know how it goes. Why tell anyone that asks that she is more than a visitor- since as read- there is no recognition in the US ? It seems like being honest could affect either way, and it would be devastating for her to be denied entry. It seems like the US could come up with a visa for civil partners of American citizens- until they make up their minds……

  2. leslie says:

    I can’t wait to file a petition for my filipino honey in philippines…

  3. David says:

    My boyfriend is from Italy and is actually back in Italy because his work and tourist visas expired. He applied for the green card lotto and citizenship through his sister, but won’t hear anything back for at least a year on the lotto, and 11 years on the citizenship. I miss him sooooo much! I wish I could bring him back to live here!

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