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Hurricane Sandy Disruptions

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Immigration Equality’s New York offices in Lower Manhattan continue to be impacted by Hurricane Sandy.  Phone lines in New York are down, and our Manhattan office does not have internet access. Unfortunately, we do not yet know when phone or internet access will be restored. In the meantime, please use the contact us form on our website to reach us. Messages are being delivered, and our staff are using mobile access to respond to messages as quickly as possible.

Please be aware, however, that it may take longer than usual to respond to inquiries.  Staff are working from home, and responding as quickly as possible, but many New York staff members also have limited electricity, phone and internet access even while working remotely. If you had an appointment scheduled with a member of our legal team, someone will contact you to re-schedule as soon as possible.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to offer support following the storm. The good news is that our staff are all safe, and our Washington, D.C. offices are fully operational.

We appreciate your patience as we wait to return to normal operations. Stay tuned to our blog for more updates.

3 Responses to Hurricane Sandy Disruptions

  1. leslie says:

    Hi, i came from california i vote for no on prop. 8 & i vote for OBAMA for pres. and i want to vote all candidates that support for equality can you please email me the copy of candidates here in Anaheim,CA 92802 that support for equality before i vote tomorrow. thank you

  2. Damian Waite says:

    I would like to meet with someone to begin my application to seek asylum in the US. How do I go about getting an appointment?

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