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Giving Thanks

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On behalf of the entire Immigration Equality family – our staff, board and clients – I want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

As we kick-off the holiday season here in the United States, we are reminded of how many of you are spending Thanksgiving separated, in exile or worrying about your family’s future. It is your story, and your families, that make us more committed than ever to winning in the year ahead.

We are all grateful for the support and dedication you all show, every day. Many of you are financial supporters of our work. Tens of thousands of you are part of our growing grassroots network. And many of you have worked side-by-side with us as we continue to speak out for LGBT immigrant families.

Thank you.

This Thanksgiving, we are heartened by the more than 100 recent asylum winners who are spending the holidays in the United States, safe from the persecution they have fled abroad. We are encouraged by this year’s election results, which will mean more support in our work on behalf of binational families. And we are grateful for the confidence you have shown in us.

Wherever you are observing the holiday this year, please know that you, and your family, are in our thoughts.

Happy Thanksgiving.

2 Responses to Giving Thanks

  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy Thanks Giving to all the Lovely People out there! Love ya All :)))

  2. Marijah Escamilla says:

    Thank you for this…hoping to have my husband home before christmas.

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