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Statement on White House Proposal to Provide Relief from Deportation to DREAM-Eligible Youth

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Rachel B. Tiven, executive director of Immigration Equality, issued the following statement today in response to news that the White House will offer categorical relief protecting DREAM-eligible youth from deportation, and provide work authorization and other benefits for young, undocumented immigrants.

“Today’s announcement is great news for our country.  The young people who will be positively impacted are our classmates, our colleagues, our friends.  They are America’s up-and-comers: future entrepreneurs, scientists, and public servants.  I can’t wait to see their vibrant potential realized.

Some DREAM-eligible young people – including many of the bravest leaders of the movement – are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.  Many, gay and straight, are building their lives with Americans whom they love.  This new policy will ensure these young people, many of whom have never known any home other than the United States, do not live in fear of separation from their family.  Indeed, no person should face forcible separation from their families, regardless of their age. That is why the White House should follow today’s announcement with a proposal to extend that same relief to immigrants with U.S.-citizen partners and spouses across the board. Keeping families together is good policy, and all families, including those that are LGBT, should have the support of the President in the form of a similar policy.”

12 Responses to Statement on White House Proposal to Provide Relief from Deportation to DREAM-Eligible Youth

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  2. Ralph says:

    Rachel is 1000% correct. It would be the right thing to do to extend relief to immigrants with U.S citizen partners. Many have been waiting much longer with some enduring life threatening situations living outside the U.S. It would be the right and ethical thing to do and should be done immediately. There are creative ways the Administration can work within their fame work to extend the same relief nothing less to immigrants with U.S citizen partners inside and outside the U.S. Equality is what matters most. Thank and Applaud Rachel!!

  3. Lorrie says:

    I applaud the Obama administration on today’s actions that will provide relief and opportunities for young undocumented individuals. I do think that they need to do the next “right thing” and that is extend immigration equality to same-sex partners. I have been watching immigration reform since the mid 90′s when the Permanent Partners Act was introduced…I cannot tell you the emotion I am feeling right now as we are still discriminated against and made to feel that our relationships, our lives, are less than. I am optimistic and appreciate all the work that everyone has put into the movement towards immigration equality…but I am also tired and the time is NOW…TODAY for Immigration equality!

  4. Ralph says:

    Lorrie, I agree with you. It is emotionally devastating. Permanent Partners Act or Uniting American Families Act should be brought back to center stage and either or both passed. Victory is ours!!

  5. Robson Fraga says:

    If the President was able to Provide Relief for Dream-Eligible Youth, that are here in the US illegally, he can very much Provide the same Benefits for same sex couples that are here legally Married in the US, he needs to stop denying Green Cards petitions for same sex couples. If his Administration is no longer defending DOMA in Court there is no reason to continuing enforcing DOMA and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is still denying green cards for married lesbian and gay couples under his Administration. Plain and simple, It makes no sense at all !!!

  6. Robert says:

    I agree, the Adiministration have the power to put LGBT applications on hold instead denying.

  7. Ralph says:

    The Administration should be urged to pass Uniting American Families Act. Striking down unconstitutional DOMA will only benefit married couples and nothing for committed unmarried couples, domestic partners outside who are unable to marry because of immigration discrimination. Stop denying entry to foreign partners of U.S citizens. Many U.S citizens would like to return to the U.S with their partners with hopes of marrying them. They are family too.

  8. Ralph says:

    Other steps would be USCIS modify the I-130 petition to include domestic partners, create special visas for domestic couples, modify the fiance visa to include domestic partners, create a form for domestic partners.

  9. Ryan says:

    Great news indeed. No one should ever have to leave their home simply because of irrational legislation that oversees their rights as individuals who have remained in the country they love. I truly hope DOMA finally gets shelved, but the LGBT community should also prepare to deal with stubborn conservatives who refuse to see beyond their bigoted points of view and perhaps begin to lobby for the right for Americans to legally change their gender upon petition (without having to having to undergo a surgery that mutilates their genitals in the process). I think this is a very personal and intimate matter than people should have the freedom to do upon choice, and perhaps review from a mental health specialist. This could provide conservatives and progressives with a chance to meet halfway, given that upon changing one’s sex legally, there would be no further obstruction from carrying out a heterosexual marriage and attaining all of the legal rights it entails- those which LGBT’s are unreasonably denied despite the supposed separation of church and state, and the fact that everyone should have the same rights, and LGBT’s should not be treated as 2nd class citizens by having to forsake the person they love.

  10. Although President Obama has made a bold move,regarding young illegal youth which I think is a positive step,but what about the older gereration of illegal aliens and partners of american citizens ,when are they going tto have their chance.My opinion is,the governments of today need to get their act together and stop this discrinination aginst same sex couples once and for all and grant us the rights and benefits we all deserve.Its all very well Obama supporting gay rights ,but we need action

  11. ed says:

    The good news this might be to some, is just another insult to everyone who stayed within the law. was in my early twenties when I met my partner. 23 years later still together, yet seperated. After the legal options ran out to stay in the country I had to leave. The hopes were high for something to change i.e. UAFA to pass. Six years apart now on two continents, limited to visits. emotional and financal hardship, missing out on everything a family means, stagnation. Why don’t American citizens who pay taxes and love and support their country get rights, which their citizenship entitles them to, first?! Namely the right to bring their foreign born partner home. Again, always feel like being punished for following immigration law by either staying legally in the US or by suffering the seperation and living apart. Once before I could have benefited from an amnesty under Clinton if at the time I would have been out of status and in the country illegally. And of course the feeling of beeing discriminated because of who we love.
    The issue of illegal immigration is to be seperated from the rights US citizens have, one of them being to sponsor their spouses under US immigration law. At this point gay Americans are excluded from this benefit yet have to support a disscriminatory system with their taxes.

  12. Ralph says:

    Ed, I truly agree with you and feel the pain.
    We must remain strong and envision nothing less than total victory for all affected.

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