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Senator Blumenthal Champions Relief for Binational Families

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Senator Richard Blumenthal

Senator Richard Blumenthal, D-CT

Today, Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) spoke out strongly for fairness for a Connecticut married binational couple – and for ending the suffering of all Americans with foreign national gay and lesbian spouses, by holding green card applications of those spouses in abeyance.

He held a press conference call today with Lucy Truman and Kelli Ryan, a Connecticut couple seeking to stay together in the United States.

Kelli, a US citizen, and her wife Lucy, who is from the United Kingdom, spoke of their desire to remain together and build a future in Connecticut. Kelli is an immunologist researching cures for autoimmune diseases at a pharmaceutical company and Lucy, an ENT surgeon and MD PhD, is a fellow at Yale. Blumenthal urged DHS to hold Lucy’s green card application in abeyance so the couple can stay together in Connecticut.

Blumenthal also called for all gay and lesbian foreign national spouses of Americans to have their applications held, so that the “irreparable harm” caused to these families based on an unconstitution law, the Defense of Marriage Act, is stopped.

Lucy Truman and Kelli Ryan

Lucy and Kelli

Senator Blumenthal met last year with three Connecticut families impacted by discrimination against LGBT families in immigration law, including Kelli and Lucy, and offered to help with their legal cases. He plans to meet with Kelli and Lucy again in the near future in Connecticut to follow up with them on their case.

Senator Blumenthal is an impassioned champion for LGBT families, and is a cosponsor of the Uniting American Families Act and the Respect for Marriage Act (which would repeal DOMA). He serves on the Judiciary Committee, the committee of jurisdiction for both of these bills.

Voices like Senator Blumenthal’s will be critical in winning changes in the law to end discrimination against LGBT binational families as well as interim administrative relief to end the suffering of those families until the law changes.

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